Xtreme Resource Planning (XRP)
Focuses on resources purchased, and sold providing systems and tools needed to manage a business in today's economy and adheres to all federal record tracking requirements.  XRP uses barcode and RFID technology to track raw materials to finished goods while taking advantage of the latest wireless devices and networks to optimize productivity and efficiency.  XRP is designed using Microsoft SQL Server products and is a total open architecture system.  This enables all users to interface to a platform specific to their needs.

Production & Scheduling

View inventory, capacity, and product data consistently using XRP solutions for manufacturing planning, scheduling, and execution.  Integrate delivery, scheduling, and dispatch of new production requirements to the plant floor.  Improve production and resource status.

The XRP suite of software modules provide methods to schedule resources optimally to achieve maximum efficiences.

Purchasing & Inventory

XRP lets you manage and execute purchase orders by providing all the information needed to make decisions quickly and efficiently.  Cost history and vendor information is available with trends and history at your fingertips.

Inventory management: How much do you have?  Where is it?  XRP provides all the tools necessary to stock the optimal levels and provides movement history to make par level adjustments.  XRP provides inventory visibility to manage your customer demands.

Raw Materials

XRP provides raw materials management from purchasing to production.  Unit of measure flexibility and vendor specific details help make raw material management easy and efficient.