Xtreme Technologies Group, LLC is a leading provider of innovative business automation solutions that dramatically enhance decision support, productivity, and customer service by empowering employees with real-time data.  These solutions include mobile route accounting, wholesale distribution/production, and shipping automation logistics.

Based in Mount Laurel, NJ, Xtreme Technologies was founded in 1999 by Stu Yaffa who accomplished success in prior businesses providing cutting edge automation solutions.  Xtreme Technologies continues to do what they do best; use technology and experience to make companies more productive and efficient.
Xtreme started by developing mobile applications, then progressed to wholesale distribution and light manufacturing/production systems.  Currently, the team develops software and solutions for national customers with medium to large scale shipping automation and logistics facilities.  After engaging customers, Xtreme works to continuously enhance solutions to always meet evolving business needs and demands.  As customers adapt, so do we.
Xtreme has assembled a powerful and dynamic team of professionals over the past 16 years who continue to create, implement, and support more complex solutions as technologies, clients, and businesses evolve.  They amaze us everyday with their tireless commitment and dedication to our customers.

Our endless passion and desire are the reasons for our success.