Custom Automation Solutions
Xtreme Technologies provides a variety of solutions to assist distributors and manufacturers with picking verification, shipping automation, and other applications to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing overhead and ancillary costs.

Shipping Automation & Logistics

Xtreme Technologies provides various options for shipment execution that adapt to the needs of your specific operation.

We are experienced in identifying and solving inefficiencies associated with shipping and manifesting.  Most warehouses and distribution centers utilize manual processes to convey, pack, scan, weigh, dimension, and label outbound systems.  Automating the shipping and manifest process typically provides the greatest payback with minimal investment.  Xtreme Technologies integrates the best in class hardware with proven software to interface both host environments.
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Barcode & RFID Scanning
  • Weigh in Motion
  • Print and Apply
  • Verification Scanning / Imaging
  • UPS / FedEx Automated Interface
  • Order Picking Verification

    Xtreme Technologies uses a variety of automation tools driven by custom software to verify order picking accuracy.

    Systems Integration

    Xtreme Technologies provides integration support for most hardware and software manufacturers.